Mosquito Killer Lamp ProMoziKiller
Mosquito Killer Lamp ProMoziKiller
Mosquito Killer Lamp ProMoziKiller
Mosquito Killer Lamp ProMoziKiller

Mosquito Killer Lamp ProMoziKiller

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Mosquito Bites: Everyone is at Risk!

(source: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services)

We should take precautionary measures to prevent the mosquito from biting us. Introducing the ProMoziKiller designed to get rid of the pesky mosquito. 


🔹 Portable and lightweight
🔹 Safe and Odorless
🔹 Low Power Consumption
🔹 Easy to dispose of the dead mosquitoes
🔹 Compact to be placed in any location
🔹 Operate by using a USB cable with a power source


To Increase Its Effectiveness

It is recommended to have enough units so that it can capture the mosquito more effectively. Recommended 215 sq ft to 484 sq ft.

The recommended number of units is also listed in the picture.

How To Operate?

It is powered using a USB connection connected to a USB Plug, Laptop, TV or Power Bank. It uses low energy and most power bank is enough to last through the night. The laptop can also support the operation throughout the night.



What Is The Technology It Uses?

It uses the following proven steps to capture the mosquito.

1. UV lights to attract the mosquito

2. Fan sucks the mosquito to the storage area

3. Fan dry up the mosquito to kill it in the storage area



How To Clean It?

To clean it, remove the storage box and rinse with water. It's that easy.

Product Specification  

Brand Name: ProMoziKiller
Applicable Area: 20-50 Square Meter or 215 sq ft to 484 sq ft. 
Material: PP
Power: 3W
Light Dimmable: No
Certification: ce
Voltage: 5V
Power Source: DC
Lifespan: 1000000H (Estimated)
Power Generation: Always On
Is Batteries Required: No
Cable length: 0.9 M or 2.9 ft

Why You Need This Product Now?

Mosquito bites can spread the unwanted virus-like Dengue, Zika and there is no vaccine for them. The only is to prevent bitten by a mosquito that carries such a virus.

Take action now and make use of the special promotion to get the ProMoziKiller.



1. Does it have a built-in battery?

No, it does not have.

2. Is it noisy?

It does produce sound however it should not interfere with your work or sleep.

3. Is it safe?

Yes as it is non-toxic and uses air to capture the mosquito.

4. Is it waterproof?

No, please keep it away from water.

5. Are the lights bright?

It can be used as a night light as well. 

6. Can it capture all the mosquito in the house?

No, unless you have enough devices placed in strategic locations as stated above.

7. Is it effective?

Most customers are happy with the results and some customers' feedback it is not very effective. This could be due to coverage issues.

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