Good Quality Bluetooth SleepWell Eyemask
Good Quality Bluetooth SleepWell Eyemask
Good Quality Bluetooth SleepWell Eyemask
Good Quality Bluetooth SleepWell Eyemask
Good Quality Bluetooth SleepWell Eyemask

Good Quality Bluetooth SleepWell Eyemask

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Who Need This?

All of us want a peaceful sleep every night. There are times, this seems to be very difficult to achieve.

There are people who sleep in the day or are just sensitive to bright lights. They need an eyemask that is effective in blocking out the light.

A noisy environment is also not ideal for sleep. It helps if there is our favorite music we can listen to.

For someone who meditates, an eyemask that plays the soothing music will definitely enhance the experience.

When traveling for long hours, a peaceful sleep help will create a fresher you when you reached your destination.

In summary, if you belong to any of these categories, you probably will need the SleepWell Eyemask.

⚠️Work during the night and sleep during the day

⚠️Into meditation

⚠️Need to travel as a passenger for long hours

⚠️Sleep in a noisy environment 

⚠️Sensitive to bright lights

⚠️Someone who needs a peaceful sleep

Why SleepWell Eyemask?

Having a peaceful sleep can be achieved if the conditions are right. We need to block out bright lights while listening to our favorite music.

Sleepwell Eyemask does that exactly and it is comfortable to wear it.

It comes with many useful features that will enhance your sleep. Listed are the highlights.


💗Blocks out light so that you can sleep even during the daytime

💗Made from very comfortable and breathable material

💗Good Audio System

💗Listen to your favorite music via Bluetooth

💗Adjustable strap for a comfortable fit

💗Built-in rechargeable battery

💗Easy to operate

💗Washable by taking out the Bluetooth module

How To Operate?

Connecting To Bluetooth 

1. Close all your Bluetooth connections on the phone.
2. Press the "on/off" button in the eyemask until light flashes.
3. Turn ON Bluetooth on the phone, find the Bluetooth name BT-FAAH, then connect.
4. After connecting the Bluetooth, you can listen to music directly.

Answering Calls

1. To receive an incoming call, press once PLAY/STOP Button.
2. To reject an incoming call, press and hold PLAY/STOP button for 3 sec.
3. During the call, press PLAY/STOP button for 3 sec to switch to a mobile device, To switch back, press.PLAY /STOP Button again for 3 sec.

1. Before washing please take out the Bluetooth module.
2. Both speakers are adjustable to best suit your listening pleasure.
3. Volume can be adjusted via your mobile or Vol+ button on the eye-mask.
4. The sound quality maybe affected if there's environmental interference.

Product Specification

Charging Time: 2-2.5 hours
Bluetooth continuous working time: >15Hours

Support Bluetooth communication and Bluetooth Music
High-quality stereo sound
Built-in lithium-ion battery with micro USB charging function
User-friendly function design
LED display for working status
No beeps 


The dimensions are stated in the picture as listed. 


1. Is this washable?

Yes, need to remove the Bluetooth module.

2. Does it support both Andriod and Apple devices?

Yes, it does.

3. How long is the charging time?

It needs about 2 to 2.5 hours to charge.

4. Will it disturb my partner's sleep?

No, as the volume is adjustable. 

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