Blue Light Glasses For kids
Blue Light Glasses For kids
Blue Light Glasses For kids
Blue Light Glasses For kids
Blue Light Glasses For kids
Blue Light Glasses For kids

Blue Light Glasses For kids

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Highlights 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

✅ Protect the eyes against blue light

✅ Stylish, Light, and Comfortable

✅ Good Quality

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What is Blue Light?

Blue light is part of the visible spectrum which the eye can see. The spectrum consists of wavelength and concentration of energy that we can see.

The blue light is within this spectrum however it has a shorter wavelength and higher concentration of energy.

Is Blue Light Harmful To Eyes - What Is Blue Light

Why Do You Need This Anti Blue Glasses?

There are a lot of debates on the harmful effects of blue light. The main source is from the Sun however our personal devices like laptops, mobile devices, LED TV will emit blue light.

Our eyes are just too precious to get them damaged. To protect them, we need a good pair of Good Anti Blue Light Glasses as shown in the video.

The side effects are as listed.

1. Blindness for severe cases

If you stare at the Sun for a few seconds, it can cause blindness.

2. Vision Deteriorate

There are numerous people whose vision is impacted because of this.

3. Eye become very sensitive to light

Your eye may be too sensitive that you need a pair of special shades just to look at the computer screen.

4. Tired Eyes

This happens to most of us when we need to look at the mobile devices, computer screen over a long period.

5. Impact on Sleep Quality

When you spent time on the computer screen and mobile devices before sleeping, it makes it more difficult for you to sleep.

6. Irritated Eyes

Eyes become dry and irritations set it.

7. Headache

This is one of the common side effects. You get a headache over a long period of exposure.


Brand Name: Your Trusted Stores
Lenses Material: Acrylic
Gender: Unisex
Model Number: Children Safety Glasses
Lens Width: 47mm or approx 1.85 inches
Lens Height: 36mm or approx 1.42 inches
Frame Material: Plastic 
For: Kids/Children/Boys/Girls

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