10 Simple steps to build a happy family :)

Article written by Marc Ho. Last updated on 27th Dec 19.

How to be a happy family? The keyword is happy family.

The definition of a happy family will be different from each other. I will define it as, “A place where everyone that knows each other shares common joy just by being together.”

I want to share 10 simple ways to help create a happy family.

How to create happiness in the family? 10 Simple ways revealed.

The ways I have shared actually works for me and many of my friends. I want to share them with you so that you may apply them to your family as well. It is simple to apply and can be enjoyable when doing it.

Happy family needs an effort to create and here are the ways you can do it.

1. Have common games or activities

Share common activity like playing board games, going to the beach, reading a book any activities that can bring the family together. Our family loves to play these games.

a. Monopoly

b. Uno

c. Payday

There are many board games available and it is a cheaper and fun way to make the family happy as the board games can be played again in the future.

My son loves the beach as he can play sand. I will bring along the tools or toys to help him play. At the same time, other children will join in and that helps him build his social skills.

If you prefer indoor activity, reading a book is great as well. Choose a book that allows activity so that parents can read and children can learn.

2. Have meals together

Having meal together helps to build bonds and create conversion. It is the time when we can share our joy with each other with great food. Ideally we should have at least one meal with family everyday.

In case, it is difficult due to work, then we should spent time over the weekend. When there is good food and conversation, the family is happier.

It can be even better if the family members can prepare the meal together and also participate in doing the dishes.

3. Splurge on compliments

Everyone loves compliments however sometimes we just neglect giving them. It could because of the culture or we are just too busy. A family that gives compliments to each other is often a happier one.

A simple compliment like “A great job” helps to make everyone happy. So don’t be stingy on compliment the ROI (Return on Investment) on giving compliments is very high and sometimes it can have infinite returns.

4. Show your affection

Sometimes a hug is all we need. We need to show affection else how will we know we are being appreciated. Therefore, give a hug, pat on the back, even a handshake whenever possible.

Different people show affections differently, as long the family shows it then everyone will be happier.

5. Celebrate important milestone

Spread the joy to the family. Celebrate if you or anyone in the family achieve some form of success. It can be a promotion, graduation from a course or school, achieve personal goals or today is a good day to celebrate.

Most of us will forget this and when we achieve important milestones we forget to celebrate. Celebrations bring joy to the family.

6. Celebrate festive holidays

Festive holidays is a great time to celebrate with the family. Everyone is feeling happy and requires lesser effort to make everyone happy. Always take advantage of festive holidays to celebrate with the family.

 7. Plan for holidays

Most of is love going for holidays. Get the family involved in the beginning like deciding on the destination. If everyone is involved, it will likely turn out to be more fun and thus making the family more happy.

Destinations need to be very far from home. It can be as near as your parents house, a hotel. Be creative when planning your holiday especially when you are on a budget.

 8. Always support each other

There will be times when we need support. The family is the first place we will usually look for it. It is not easy to give good advice always however just by listening to each other has already helped to provide support.

Sometimes all we need is a listening ear and sometimes it is not easy to find one. Always help each other in the family so that in the end everyone will be happier.

Do not hesitate to seek help if there is a need. Seeking help from someone is also a form of providing support.

9. Involve the grandparents, aunties and uncles and friends

Grandparents, relatives and friends can help the family to be happier. They can provide the support when the family needs it.

My mother and sister-in-law loves my children and always helped to look after them whenever possible. This has helped us cope better and make everyone happier.

This create a win-win situation as everyone will be happy.

10. Allow mistakes to be made

Making mistake is a part and parcel of life. What is important is how we deal with mistakes. We can either start to blame or look at the mistake and learn from it.

It is easy to put blame on someone else than to provide solutions. Allowing someone to make mistake and learn from it usually result in a stronger and better outcome.

Of course if the mistakes are intentional and costly, we should avoid and sometimes mistake can be prevented by learning from other sources.

The key point is let everyone learn from mistake so that we can be a better person after that.


The listed 10 points will helped to create a happy family as it has worked out me and many of my friends. To make this happen, we must make an effort to create. It can be effortless as well if there is fun in doing this.

The process to create it can be fun as long the family members work together as a team.